M/47, C/o. on off pain in neck since 3 months. Now C/o. pain in left chest wall lft. neck region with numbness in lft hand fingers. Spot dx rx..



Loss of cervical lordosis. 5th cervical disc space is reduced with maintained endplates. Osteophytes present at C5C6. Cervical spondylosis.

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Xray cervical spine lateral view showed straightening of spine with significant reduction of space between c5-6.Pt has c5-6 radiculopathy Lt side. Suggest Avoid pillow, neck exercise .Start with pregabalin .If no relief with supportive management , Ad -MRI cervical spine

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Cervical spondylosis with C3 to C5 osteophyte +ve Painkiller+musclerelexant Calcium Vit D3 Methycobalamin

Cervical spondylosis with decreased disc space . Traction to relieve nerve compression. Ultrasound and Tens to relieve pain. Neck isometeics,shoulder strengthening exercises ,smiley ball exercises for hand. Advice neck care,good posture,cervical pillow for support. VitD3 supplements if required.

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C 5.6 severe degenerated disc Disc osteophyte complex probably compressing the roots and intending cord. Get an MRI.

It's a case of cervical spondylosis.regular exercise will be helpful alongwith calcium supplements.

Cervical straightening with decreased disc spaces between C5-6... Treatment : Analgesic with muscle relaxant(T. Etoricoxib+ thio) Calcium, vitamin D3 Tab pregabalin + nortryptalline I hs Advice : Most important is life style modification Physiotherapy Regular follow up..

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Cervical spondylosis ref pain to Lt chest with numbness radiculopathy l3 to l5 disc space reduce mri c spine must

straightening of cervical spine reduced gap between c5 6 osteophytic changes. tx isometric neck exersice cervical pillow use cervical traction calcium +vit d3 daily tab pregabalin M 75

Thank you doctor.

Cervical spondylitis

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