M/48 C/O hair loss from scalp eyebrows beard region r4mths.h/o similar attack 4 yrs back.inv n TT plz.



pubic n axillary hair remains

alopecia arteta sir treat as arteta first with inj. kenacort40 with antifungal both local and systematic than dutasteroid minoxidil oil calcium with vitamin E

Alopecia universalis . Plz check out body hair as well ? Rule out wheather patient is atopic or have some food allergy ? N please get him througlu check for thyroid tft n antibodies eg anti tg anti tpo . With serum ferritin n vit b12 n please do a dewormig as well .

pubic n axillary hair remains

N if he is allergic to any food ... Please stop that food eg gluten or lactose or Milk etc etc

alopecia areata

sir hair loss from eyebrows n beard region also.i think it is totalis

it is case of alopecia universalis

patient can be started on weekend pulse therapy 5mg betamethasone after doing LFT ,CBC, RBS

dr can u explained pulse therapy?

Alopecia universalis

if hair growth visible 5%topical minoxidil can b given

topical psoralen with puva can b done

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