M.48. Fever and cough with expectoration. 7days.



Fibro Calcific lesion Right upper zone with Blunted Right C P Angle, trachea shifted to right. Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Sequel. Present activity to be assessed by Sputum AFB and CBNAAT.

Sir Ur approach to pt is always justified

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B/l fibrotic lung fields with rt upper zone cavitatory lesion with trachea pull to right....old sequlae to PTB CBNAAT if inconclusive den go for CECT

Fibrocavitary lesion RT UZ Tracheal pull RT Rt pl effusion PTB sequale

fibrosis rt.Upper lobe

Infiltrates are seen rt apex witha fibrovascular cavity.in apical zone

Fibrovascular cavity seen on rt side with infiltrates rule out pul tb.

Right upper lobe lobar pneumonia

Fibro cavitatory Tubercular

There is a opacity in Rt upper lobe with circular ring shaped opacoty, with tracheal shift to Rt,there is also relative crowding of ribs onthe Rt upper part.This indicates relative collapse of Rt upper lobe.With only 7days history it should be

Infiltration Rt uper zone

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