M.50 c/o swelling at left lower chest laterally..2yrs o/e swelling size 6x3 cms,firm,fixed to underlying structure,not fixed to skin. no venous engorgement over the swelling. adv. for FNAC.



Round cell neoplasam need Inc other wise you can't

Expansile cystic lesion at at anterolateral part of left 9th rib. Round cell tumour/Ewing's

Mass lesion 9 th left rib Biopsy required to confirm further diagnosis

Tricky biopsy of the mass to be done 'll Low grade sarcoma rib lesions ?chondroma Chondrosarcoma are possibilities

Xray copd emphysema swelling fnac HP mostly tuberculous dd cyst dd lipoma dd sarcoma usg

Mass lesion left rib (9th).....needs further evaluation


All possibilities are there as answers given by different experts ,why not plasmacytoma ? Tissue biopsy either by trucut or incisional whatever may be final conclusion to be drawn on IHC report along with other supportive documents only imaging can not be the solutions

Neurofibroma, lipoma


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