M/6. this type of rashes since 10 days. worsened in last week. Plzz suggest diagnosis and Management.


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Impetigo contagiosum with crust formation Rx. 1. Clean with normal saline and remove the crusts. 2. Cephalexin 50mg per kg in two doses for 10days. 3. Topical mupirocin application twice a day for 10days 4. Levocetrizine 2.5mg twice daily for 10days if itching is present

Impetigo contagiosum. Amoxyclav 30mg/kg/day bd Atarax syrup. Mupirocin ointment locally.

IMPETIGO CONTAGIOUSM Rx amox clav T bact cream tropical


Impitago contagiosum

Crusted impetigo

Impetigo contagiosum

Impetigo Contagiosum

@Dr. Bhavya Shah -impetigo contagiosum

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