M 60 complains of pinkish white spot on the sclera of the left eye for the past 4 days. associated with headache and prolonged burning sensation of both the eye while watching computer, television, mobile phone, and dryness of the eye for the past 3months .occupation: business consultant appetite: normal urine : normal stool: normal sleep : normal. diagnosis and suggest treatment



Nodule at the limbus of rt eye. Phlyctineuler conjunctivitis. ?allergy to pollens or TBProtein. Pulse 200once.

It's pterygium.in Pinguecula growth is yellowish colour and in pterygium its pinkish. But the symptoms are same. Use tropical steroid drops. NSAID drugs to reduce inflammation and if eyes are dry then use some lubricant drops

Thank u sir

Seems like Pterygium or Scleritis in given pictures i cnt justify wether it is Pterygium or it is Scleritis... Phos 30 (1) dose Euph eye drops bd.. May helpfull in this case...

Ptergium will not develop in short span of time of 4days.

It's episcleral nodule. Pterygium is wing shaped Phlycten is at the limbus. It's away from limbus. It can be due to degenerative disorder or connective tissue disorder like Rh. Arthritis It can be pinguecula or episcleral nodule. Rest on physical exam. Of patient

Thank u sir wht is the treatment

Pterygium pinguecela

Thank u sir treatment for this case is only excision a sir


Can we correlate with Arma?

It's not ARMA


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