M 65 mild breathlessness on walking occasional cough, left smoking 10 years back, non diabetic, non alcoholic, normotensive on acebrophyline 200 mg od.



CXR and CT Thorax show irregular Fibrotic lesions both Mid Lower zones, Right > Left and fibro cystic lesions both Epical segment, Left > Right. Mostly COPD. But the epical lesions needs evaluation by Sputum AFB and CBNAAT.

agreed sir weight loss and timed period of cough incidence in are for T.B thanks for sharing the knowledge sir

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Mediastinal widening,fbrocyctic both midzone,apical both opacities R more than L, Patchy infiltration in rt lower zone.CBC, CBNAAT,ESR wanted.Case likely to be COPD

FibroNodular lesions b/l Cystic changes in b/l mid zones ?Bronchiectasis....(post infective) Needs further evaluation

He looks to be c/o copd x ray chest shows bilateral congestion with suspicious infiltrates inboth apical regions he should be investigated cbc esr urine bsl sputum

Copd emphysema rt basal pneumonitis rt pneumothorax tree bird appearance pft ild Ards

COPD WITH I L D .. BLOOD ABG , ACE ,ANA ,PFT along with ECG SPTUM FOR C&S ,AFB are investigations also aHRCT THORAX

Seems a case of COPD with destruction of lung tissuedue to old infiltrates

History insufficient. Fibrotic lesions both lungs,more on right side. There is a very hazy nonspecific shadow rt lower zone. Might be pneumonitis. Hemogram is must. Sputum for AFB is next investigation

65 Yr male smoker sob with CT thorax s/o emphysema, so work up for copd like spirometry, and obviouly sputum study to rule out infections like TB, should be done. Bronchodilators, ICS LABA if FEV1 <50 % . Echo Cardio to exlude PH.

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