M.70. Irregular diarrhoea. Irregular fever. Loss of appetite. 3months.



Fibronodular swellings bilateral apical zones andlt mid zone with infiltrates more on lt side pulmonary tuberculosis. To explain diarrhoea cbc esr urine stool and usg a&p are suggested.

Thanx dr VedPrakash Sharma

Fibrocavitatory lesions in b/l upper zones and left middle zone with flattening of both diaphragms....sequelae of old TB

Bil apical fibrocavitatory lesions with central trachea.l eft mid zonal infiltration seen likely Koch's relapse.

Bilateral apical fibrocavitory sequels of old ptb with lt mid zone fluffy leison ,most probably ptb relapse , can have intestinal involvement for same lead to irregular diarrhoea , irregular fever and loss of appetite can well be explained by same event

Bilateral apical fibrocavitary lesions with central trachea .left middle zonal infiltration seen likely Koch's relapse.

Bilateral apical infiltration with left mid zone.Rule out Tuberculosis and HIV.

left upper and mid zond infilterates with 3 months history s/o ptb

Copd with emphysema bilateral Koch's cbnat HIV stoolrt culture and sensitivity

Pulmonary tuberculosis.

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