M.76. Chr.LBA 2yrs Neck pain 2months.



Cervical spine-- 5th 6th cervical disc space reduced with maintained endplates. Osteophytes at C5,6,7. Cervical spondylosis. LSV-- Sacralisation of 5th lumbar vertebra left. Scoliosis at mid lumbar convexity to right. Retrolisthesis L2 over L3. Lumbar spondylosis.

Cervical spine: Osteophytes seen in C3-C6. Sclerosis & Wedging of Vertebral body C5C6. Reduced disc space in C5C6,C6C7. Diagnosis: Cervical Spondylosis with PIVD (C5C6,C6C7).MRI suggested. Lumber Spine: Loss of lordosis. Multiple Osteophytes in lumber vertebra Fusion of L1L2 vertebra Reduced disc space L2L3,L3L4,L4L5. Diagnosis: Lumber spondylosis, Vertebral fusion L1L2,PIVD(L2L3, L3L4, L4L5.MRI is suggested. Treatment:TENS,IFT,US or SWD, Cervical traction.Inermittent lumber traction. Physiotherapy. If not improved,refer to Neurosurgeon for management.

Thanks Dr Dhaval Acharya

Reduced intracerebral space bet c4 c5 with sclerosis and wedging and osteophytes suggests degenerative disease cervical spondylosis. Ls region scan shows wedging of L2 with multiple osteophytes in ls region and prolapse of iv disc at L2l3 with loss of lumber lordosis suggestive of PID with lumbar spondylosis.

Thanx dr Dhaval Acharya

Lumbar lordosis lt renal calculi cervical spondylosis osteoporosis osteoarthritis disc space reduce c4 to c7 d10 collapsed up to l3 do hla 27 mri spine ankylosing spondylitis osteoporosis osteoarthritis cervical spondylosis lumbar lordosis radiculopathy lumbar spondylosis lt renal calculus

Extensive degenerated disc C5. 6 and c6. 7 Lumbar scoliosis. Spondylosis. MRI spine will be informative about cord and roots.

Reduced space between c5 and c6 due to degenerative changes of ivd with sclerosed vertebrae a case of C spondylosis, lumbosacral xray shows , though not clear , wedging of t11 with multiple osteophytes resulted dorsolumbar scoliokyphosis ,resulting in radiculopathy of concerned area

Cerviacal spine ..5th&6th cervical disc space reduced with maintained endplates. Ostephytes at C5& C6.

C5c6 ç6 cervical spondylitis with lumber spondylitis with Osteophyte with lumber scoliosis. Tt is conservative if no nuorological deficit. Physiotherapy spine and do MRI.

Neck xray.... C5 vertebral collapse... Thoracolumbar region....T12, L1L2 vertebral destruction nd collapse with scoliosis.... (r/o pott's disease? )

Cervical spondylosis Lumber. Collapse D12 with kypho sciolosis

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