M25. Throat pain,cough with expectoration general weakness 5days. kco--PTB smear +ve completed cat-1 for 5months,2months back. not a smoker.



Rt apical fibrobronchiectatic and cavitary lesion seen. Left upper and mid costal infiltration seen . Changes of COPD emphysema noted. Likely reactivation of TB.

Yes sir

Hazy opacities with cavity rt upper and midzone with illdefined opacities lt lung may be due to PTB .Active TB has to be confirmed microbiologically.

Rt apical hazziness with fibrocavitary lesions Lt upper & midzone infiltration. Tubular heart Hyperinflated lungs COPD with Reactivation of TB

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Sharma

Fibrocavity changes in Rt. apical region. Infiltration Lt. Side. Emphysematous changes.Reactivation of tuberculosis.

right upper zone fibrocavitatory lesions with infilterates on left side ; rule out reactivation of ptb

Seems like relapse tb....so go 4 cbnaat....n plan further line of management

History of throat pain, cough and expectations of 5days duration is suggestive of viral infection in an old case of P.T.

? Reactivation tuberculosis in incompletely treated tuberculosis . CBNAAT for resistant tuberculosis is advised.

Fibrocavitary lesions right upper lung. Poorly defined nodular opacities both lungs. PTB reactivated.

Emphysematous change paticy consolidation rt upper lobe

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