M26. Dry cough and chest pain...5days. KCO...DM & UTI.



Left uz diffuse infiltration with lz consolidation and synpneumonic effusion DM being an immuno compromised state it could be anything from TB to atypical to fungal But r/o TB and cap first Usg to look for pleural fibrosis and loculations

Dear Dr whether all Diabetics are immunocompromised or what are reason sto consider them immunocompromised. Please. Comment.

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Left lower lobe consolidation with pleural effusion I would suggest USG guided pleural tapping send the fluid for Routine examination,ADA and culture and sensitivity.Till then start antibiotics empirically.pip+tazo with levofloxacin

This is left sided moderate pleural effusion with small areas of infiltration left upper zone.Patient being diabetic possibility of Tubercular disease needs consideration first. A diagnostic cum therapeutic pleurocentesis with pleural fluid analysis including ADA and LDH will clinch the issue.

Meniscus sign on lt side suggestive of plural infusion there are few infiltrates in lt upper zone. Possible pathology tuberculosis Aspirate plural fluid for examination. Do PCR TB.

Left side pleural effusion with bronchopulmonary marking prominent.

Lt pleural effusion

Pleural effusion... With pneumonia may b. If associated with fever r/o dengue and h1n1 also..

Left sided encysted pleural effusion.

Plural tap is to be done for diagnosis

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Xray suggestive of Left sided Consolidation with effusion (Trachea and mediastinal shift can be seen) DM is imminocompromised state.. Do tapping and send ADA and CBNAAT, Do sputum AFB, G/S, Culture(BACKTEK) and CBNAAT start Broad spectrum antibiotics and shift to ATT if results are positive

Left encysted pleural effusion ....tubercular

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