M32y. Black pigmentation on lips ×15days No..itch.pain...or any h/o drugs .... Dx.Rx?



Ars alb 200/1dose Placebo 6-6-6 /15days

Lip smacking/ Licking/ Perioral Dermatitis

Firstly sir u have to know cause...because it has lot of causes...like smoking,increased iron,hot food intake,etc...after that selection of medicine is very easy

h/r:- Acid nit sulpher

Dr.sahab give ars alb 1m weakly 4 dose and condorango q 5 drops daily

As per Unani theory It is a Tabkheer e Medha disease. Apply cow ghee externally and take 2tsf ghee 4 to 5 times. Take Butter milk daily. Jawarish e Raziana Mazoon e Dabeedul warad Jawarish e jalinoos Hab e kabid naushadari Sharbat e musaffi e khoon

it is deficiency of vit B12 hom med five phos with petroleum oint for local app

Check vit B12 level. It can be a manifestation of deficiency of vit b12.

Any h/o smoking?

No mem..

its perioral dermatitis. ..go with oint metrogyl p ot erythromycin cream

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