M39. Pain and restricted movement right shoulder 3months



Bil apical and mid zonal fibrobronchiectatic lesions and basal infiltration seen Possibly Koch's sequelae.a ortic knuckle calcification seen. Rt sided frozen shoulder. Also needs to consider ankylosing spondylitis.

What is this? Miliary tuberculosis? Right shoulder glenoid is destroyed Humeral head look ok Left shoulder preserved Whatever is in the chest has spread to right shoulder Malignancy? TB? CT chest MRI right shoulder as next step

I agree with Dr Sujit Sarkar. Acase of old untearted anterior dislocation of rt shoulder. Chest part need investigation s for miliary tuberculosis, miliary secondary deposits and pneumoconiosis.

RT shoulder elevated.. (? Dislocation with # fragments of rt scapulae )... mild scoliosis at d thoracic level Miliary tuberculosis.

Military tuberculosis with associated involvement of bones, frozen shoulder and osteoporosis.

Miliary tuberculosis with associated involvement of bones , frozen shoulder and osteoporosis

Miliary Koch's, frozen shoulder.

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Miliary tuberculosis with bones involvement , frozen shoulder with osteoporosis

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Miliary tuberculosis. Frozen shoulder.ankylosing spondylosis

PTB with cystic tuberculosis right scapula.

Miliarykoch s vith tb rt scapula

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