M46. Known case of cA nasopharynx with chest pain and cough.



Thick walled cavitery lesions with infiltration RUZ. Likely Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Confirm by Sputum AFB and CBNAAT. Reactivation type PTB cavitery lesion can happen due to treatment by immunosuppressive as in case of CA.

Rounded fibrocavitatory lesion in right upper lobe....? Secondary ? PTB Do a CECT Thorax

Thick walled fibrocavitory lesion Rt upper zone. Exclude ptb

Rule out ptb by sputum microscopy....since a case of CA nasopharynx secondary Mets has to be kept in mind and pET CT will be helpful

Rule out pul tb

Sir.Upper cavity lesion on right upper zone..increased .rht and lft hilar shawdow..may be Ptb or fungal ??be coz of depressed immunity

Fibrocavitory lesion. Tubercular

Thick walles irregular cavity is the right upper lobe...May be cavitating mass in this context.

Right thick walled fibro cavitatory lesion in the upper zone.? Healed koch'.

Thick walled apical rt cavity 1. TB 2. Malignancy

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