M50. SOB.....2Months. h/o PTB 3yrs back. taken 1yr ATT.



Right upper lobe collapse with trachea shift. It is associated with a cavity and fibrotic bands. Secondary PTB most likely.

Fibrocavitory lesions rt upper zone with collapse of rt upper zone with mediastinal shift to rt. PTB SEQUELE

Fibrocavitary lesions at right upper lung. Hyperinflation of both lungs. COPD sequele PTB.

Fibrocavitatory lesion RUZ with tracheal pull to same sode probably sequelae of Old PTB

This is old lesion of pultb with fibrosis causing mediastinal shift to rt with collapse of upperlobe it should be a co of MDR

Trachea deviated towards rt Rt collapse upper zone with fibrocavity lesions Hyperinflated both lungs COPD with PTB sequele

Fibrocavitatory lesions present on right upper lobe n pulling the trachea to same side along with Pneumothorax

Cavity with fibrotic changes in Rt upper lobe. Treatment failure or resistant PTB. HIVShouldbe excluded.

Residual fibrosis of lung with sequestered emphasymatous bulla R Apex .Treat like Copd

irt upper lobe collapse with tracheal shift to rt. cavity with bands present. Ptb tobe excluded

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