M55 Right flank pain radiating to back. Past history of Pyelolithotomy done about 11yrs back on 15.07.2006 KUB & IVP/14.01.18 KUB/15.07.06



Pyelolithotomy done 11 years back. Recurrence of calculus in right kidney Also a lower ureteric calculus at right vesico ureteral junction with minimal functioning right kidney

Possibly there is lower ureteric calculus on the right but without ureteric opacification you cant be sure.. It could be a phlebolith too ( Little medially located shadow so i was wondering)

Rt Renal and lower ureteric calculi. Rt kidney non/minimal functioning

Right Renal and Uretric Calculus.

Rt.Ureteric calculate with lower pole renal calculi.urgent treatment for ureteric calculi as function hamper to save kidney by retrograde urethroscopy with lesser lithotripsy for kidney stone watch and wait policy can adapt treatment after improve renal function by pcnl or lithotripsy

Rt lower calyx calculus / ureteric calculus. Needs urology intervention/ pcnl / urs

Two calculi on right side, one renal in lower part of kidney and another ureteric calculus in the lower part of right ureter

Right renal and uretric calculus with minimal functioning right kidney.

IVU- rt.uretric calculus lower 1/3 leading to delayed renal function with hydronephrosis & rt Renal calculus lower pole. Lt.renal pyelonephritis.

Recurrence of calculus in rt kidney. Rt lower uv junction calculus causing obstruction .minimal or nonfunctioning kidney.

Rt. Renal and ureteric caculi

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