M60. Cough 25days. Occasional fever Non smoker.



Left cp angle obliterated. Sugg of left pleural effusion extending towards apex. Left apical fibrotic band noted. Sail sign seen likely lingular lobar collapse. left cardiac silhouette. Moderate pleural effusion, needs fluid to be drained and examination.

Hydropneumothorax lt side trachea pushed to rt mildly lt cp angles oblitrated few fine fibrous strands are seen in lt upper zone. Adv tapping of pleural fluid for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment

Thanx dr Abdul Majeed

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.Left lung field is opaque in middle and lower zones with non visualization of left cardio and costophrenic angles s/o ? Large left sided pleural effusion.

Lt. Pleural effusion. Advised fluids tapping and analysis.

Left cp angle oblitrate Left side pleural effusion with collapse lung Trachea shift rt side * PTB * Pneumonia * CA Adv HRCT CHEST with CT guided pleural Fluid tapping Fluid Send for AFB, R /M and C /S CA markar CBC ESR MT LFT RFT blood sugar fasting pp HIV TB gold, TB genexpert ECG 2D echo CORRELATED CLINICALLY FOR FURTHER MANAGEMENT

Lt.pleural effusion

Thanks ! Dr.Abdul Majeed

Left effusion with passive left lower lobe and lingula collapse..no Mediastinal shift ..left apical cap noted

Massive pleural effusion lt lung.......send fluid 4 cytology n biochemistry n rx acc

Left sided Pneumothorax. USG chest and followed by aspiration.

Left lower lobe collapse due to fibrosis Old Koch's chest Get Hrct chest

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