M65. Fever 7days Cough 2days. kco--T2DM,HTN & CKD.



Right Mid and Lower zone consolidation with area of breakdown/ cavity within. Patient being Diabetic and CKD, possibility of PTB. Needs Sputum AFB and CBNAAT and Gram stain and culture sensitivity.

Rt basal consolidation,suspicious thick walled cavitary lesion seen in it.

Opacity at right lower lung.... INFECTIVE CHANGES /PNEUMONIA /PTB Blood for CBC with ESR , Sputum for Gram stain, bacterial culture, ZN staining. Broad spectrum antibiotic till the reports come.

Rt lower zone consolidation with fibrocavitory lesions over rt.lower zone. Exclude pulmonary kochs.

Encysted lung abscess rt lower zone c peripheral Pneunitis changes

Rt lower lobe opacity, may be PTB

Homogeneous opacity with air bronchogram sign right lower lung. Pneumonic consolidation.

Homogenous opacity with air bronchogram sign right lower lung. Pnemonic consolidation.

Homogenous Opacity involving the right middle n lower zones ? Consoldation Rule out PTB

Non homogeneous opacity on RT lover zone.possibility of peumonic consolidation.exclude tubercular infection.

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