M71. FUC of PTB with anaemia Completed 6m.ATT (12.12.17 - 12.06.18)


Gross Fibrosis right upper mid zone, loss of volume, trachea shifted to right with distortion of architecture and compensatory hyperinflation of left lung. Post T B sequel.

Right upper lobe fibrosis with tracheal shift to right

Multiple fibrocavitory lesions with collapse rt upper zone and mediastinal shift to rt. Exclude pulmonary kochs sequele

Trachea shifted towards right side suggest fibrotic lesions of Koch's. Cavitary lesions of Koch's also noted in right upper zone. Case for further investigations for the activity of lesions

right upper lobe fibrosis with tracheal shift to right

fibrocavitary lesion rt u/ lung c compensatory emphysema

Rt upper lung fibrocavitory ds with contralateral lung hyperinflation

Collapse Consolidation Rt UL

Fibrocavity lesion rt upper zone with tracheal shift to rt side with compensatory emphysema rt lung

Right upper zone fibro-cavitary lesion with pulling of trachea towards right.

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