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Male.. 37. Fever 3 monts.. weakness.. mild pallor. No hepatosplenomegaly.. lymph node enlargement.. nor bleeding manifestation s. Serial cbc.. for last 1 month.. Almost static pictures. Latest.. Hb. 10gms TLC.. 83 000 Marrow.. Hyper cellular.. mostly normoblastic hyperplasia.. with few megaloblasts. Increased granulopoiesis.. gocal hypogranulation of precursors.. excess blasts around 35... 40%. Megakaryopoiesis active and adequate. LAP SCORE... increased. Pbs for opinion.


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AML... moocytoid blasts.. noted. likely.. M4.. M5

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Please ignore the line.. Undergraduate student... that has been added inadvertently.

AML... moocytoid blasts.. noted. likely.. M4.. M5

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