Male 38 years , c/o haemoptysis, cough, chest pain, , fever for 7 days. o/e temp 100.2°; pulse 88bpm; bp 90/60; chest diminsihed breath sound on rt side. his past history reveals Leprosy... Diagnosis, x ray finding and further managemnet.

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PTB v/s Lung Abscess Suggest: Sputum for AFB Chest secretions for Gram stain and c/s CBC ESR

Lung abscess right upper lobe.

Lung abscess.. to rule out Tuberculosis.

A thin and relatively smooth walled cavity in right upper lobe. Send sputum for AFB, Fungal KOH smear, mycobacterial BACTEC culture and CBNAAT.

A big thin walled cavity, rather than abscess, rt upper lobe, Shd be treated as tuberculous unless proved otherwise.

Lung Abscess Right Upper Lobe.

Thin walled rt upper lobe cavity-likly to b P. Tb

Lung abscess

In the setting seen in this scan Ma opinion Is Emphysematois bulla with sec inf

Cavitary lesion rt ul 1. TV 2. Aspergillosis 3. Lung abscess 4. Cavitary malignancy

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