Male 38 yrs complaint of nasal polyp since 2 months difficulty

Male 38 yrs complaint of nasal polyp since 2 months difficulty in breathing no treatment taken Thick greenish yellow discharge from nose no other complaint generals normal perspiration- profuse on head, non offensive no desire, aversion to sweets Suggest Rx

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Thuja 1M. Cistus can. Agraphis nut. Teucurium Q externally. If H/O Allergic rhinitis.---+- Allium cepa.Lemna minor .


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Nasal Polyp Better to advise for Surgical Management for permanent cure

Nasal polyp . Arskalp bati 2 tab, khalipet morning and evening, Kachnar guggul+Chandra Prabha Bati + Aarogybati .1-1 Tab Khane ke bad morning , After noon. And evening.Sadbindu Tail 4 Boond Nasal Morning and Evening Me Dalye.

Thuja 200 weekly.

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Lemna minor 6c twice daily Teucurium Q external drops

Polypectomy Will Be Helful Rather Than Conservative Management

Dear Dr. Nipun Roy Sir, I treated like this patient as under line of treatment. Kshar tail nasyam Two times Tab. Lakshmi vilas ras 1 tds.

Kshar karma will give permanent cure

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O Nasal polyp Since 2 month. *Formica Rufa,200, Aurummet 200, External Thuja OC 0 may be Helpful.

Nasal polyp Try.. Arshkalp 2 cap with milk subeh empty stomach Tab A-flu-O -sil forte tab 1bd Vridhivadhika vati + kaanchnaar gugul + arogyawardhini 1-1 tab ( Dhoottapeshwar company) Amastha avleh Pet theek rakhey... Bahar ka khana avoid krey

Thuja 200 If there is any kind of bleeding use nit acid 30

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