Male 42 year, limp and pain for two years,rt hip more severe than left. On hip examination restriction of internal rotation. Non diabetic, non asthmatic, no trauma., no anemia. Plz Dx


Spinabifida at S1. Osteophytes at L4. Bilateral sacroilitis. Both hip joints are clear.

To rule out ankylosing spondilitis and DISH. Spine xrays will help.

B/l sacroilitis Hip joint looks normal No bony injuries detected Go for an MRI,HLA B27,other systemic examination like look for uveitis,GI disturbance,skin condition,small joint involvement,infective pathology

Looks impingement... please get mri

It looks like impingement for me. We should get an good AP and frog lateral views to comment

Can someone throw some light on Transient Osteoporosis?

Short neck with bilateral impingement.

Pl do HLA B 27 and MRI of sacroiliac joints for confirming spondyloarthritis

Go for mri


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