cardio case

Male 54 year age complain as mentioned under chief complaints.NHT.NDM.Dyslipedemia was for which taken Atorvastatin 10× no medication since 10 months. Chief Complaints Left chest discomfort on sleeping over left as something protruding.Relaxed as he move to his right side.Day time normal.since 2 years Vitals Normal non.smoker Physical Examination Normal Investigations Adviced to repeat lipid profile.Ecg all leads Management Told to have regular exercise..avoid fatty meals.Tab Rabi 20 till investigation will come.Need opinion of curofy team to pin point Diagnosis.thks



He needs thorough cardiac evaluation.2 d echo TMT. Lipid profile serum homocysteine CRP. X ray chest. U can give him muscle relaxants until u get all the reports

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