Male. 68 years. says had fever and cold 6 days back. since 2 days developed such lesions over the right side of the face. Transparent eruptions seen in front of the right tragus, lower temporal region, right side of the face, chin, few in right submental region. Also ulcers in the oral cavity ( mucus Memb of the right cheek and right side of the lower lip. C/O burning and pain. Says hearing has reduced in the right ear. Diagnosis and treatment please.



Ramsay Hunt syndrome-Vesicular rash ear or mouth,Tinnitus,Otalgia,Headaches,Dysarthria,fever,cervical adenopathy,vertigo,adv-WBC count,ESR,serum elctrolyte, Rx-use antiviral drug acyclovir and cortocostetoid prednisolone and antihistamine

Dear friends, thanks for detailed discussion on my case. I have few points to make. In my pt. the lesions are over the tragus, in front of the tragus, lower temporal region, right side of the face, chin, over the lower lips. There is no facial palsy. Because of the pain the right angle of the mouth movement is sluggish. There is no involvement of taste sensation. No leisions over the palate, ear drum and auditory canal. No tinnitus or vertigo. Already he had sensoryneural moderate hearing loss which increased little bit. Now his hearing is back to his earlier level. Here mandibular branch is also involved. Which is evident by the involvement of the lower face, lower lip and mucosa of the lower lip.

Yes this is herpes zoster to be treated by acyclovir800mg5timesper +antiallergic +antibiotic like Azithromycin500mg1odx5days add oral application of mouth paints and acycloviroint 5timesper day to external lesions.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome  (Herpes Zoster, Facial Paralysis & hearing loss in the affected ear)


Its herpes zoster not ramsay hunt syndrome as facial nerve is not involved causative virus hsv 1 treatment acyclovir 800mg in 4 divided dosage and adequate analgesics

HERPES ZOSTER-Geniculate Ganglion (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome)

Reactivation of varicella zoster Needs acyclovir800 five times / day with methyl cobalamin Pregabalin for the post herpetic neuralgia.

Herpes zoster

Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Herpes zoster

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