Male child 4yrs 6months. c/o Pyuria,fever on and off Poor stream and straining.

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Post sphincter contraction causing obstruction to outflow hence hydroureter and hydronephrosis stasis of urine is cause of recurrent uti or pyouria.sphintrectomy will be helpful

Thanx dr Vinod Kumar P

Post sphincter contraction causing obstruction to out flow hence hydroureter and hydronephrosis Stasis of urine is cause of recurrent UTI or pyourea . Sphintrectomy will be useful.

Posterior urethral valve with cystitis and bilateral Vesico-ureteric reflux.

Posterior urethral valves Associated cystitis Bilateral vesico- ureteric reflux Dilated posterior urethra Needs cystoscopic fulguration of PU valves

Bladder outlet obstruction with hydronephrosis probably due to PUV

Filling dedect, bladder neck obstructionand hydro ureter

Urine RandMand culture and sensitivity, treat according. Urologist opinion.

Posterior Urethral valve with B/L Secondary VUR - - > Cathetrise the patient immediately - - > CBC, RFT, S. Electrolytes Plan--> Urethroscopy and PUV fulguration

PUV with hydronephrosis

Posterior urethral valve with vur .

Filling defect BOO Rules out Koch s

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