Highly likely Covid19? RT PCR test has come Negative.

Male patient aged 41 years, Had bath in rain before 5 days, From next day, he is feeling fatigue, feverish, cold and cough. Investigation are as follows, ESR 20 CRP 8.97 Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) 726.13 Covid type Neumonia Highly likely Covid19 Should he stay alone at home or should be hospitalized untill RT-PCR Test result come? Test result will take more two days. So, guide for Patient safety and his all family members' safety. Also guide for his diet.


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Yes radiological CO-ARDS 5 is advanced c/o covid19 pneumonitis Pt should be hospitalise irrespective of RT pcr and put on covid protocols Self quarantine treatment will not be adequate

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Pt is likely covid 19 case. Evident from CRP report and CT findings along with symptomatology. Pt is already in moderate stage. He should be hospitalized for care and medication. He should be started on monitoring of vital parameters, first line supportive drugs and antiviral med as soon as if RTPCR comes positive. O2 therapy if saturation is less than 95%

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