male patient with eye lesion for 5 months. diagnosis and is there a non operative treatment for it

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progressive pterygium. please get it removed surgically that is excision followed by conjunctival autograft or amniotic membrane graft with sutures or using fibrin glue to avoid suture related complications. no non operative treatment has proven effective so far

Pseudo pterygium as there is no advancing head . More over presence of cataract go in favor of traumatic origin. Phaco + foldable IOL & surgical removal of pseudo pterygium same sitting is ideal choice. No non surgical option.

pterygium. local steroid, local cyclosporin drops. sometimes intralesional injury 5 FU 1 mg might help to regress

have u seen any results with such drops?

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Progressive pterygium enchroaching b managed surgically excision and conjunctival autograft or amg.

only operative treatment and this needs to be operated

pterygium surgery ASAP as it is encroaching pupil.

Pterigyum, advised surgical intervention.

pterygium and only can help operation

pterygiun no non surgical iotion


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