Post covid sequalae

Male pt Post covid sequelae H/O TB 3 yrs back Reports tagged below Please suggest the needful



Post covid study of sequele of covid infection reflects 25%of pulmonary tissue damage due to thromboembolism and atelactiasis and fibrosis as a result of hydropneumothorax noted in basal areas Ctss score labelled is 19 /25 is quite severe Pt needs to be on treatment Rx tab nintena 150mg 1bd Tab pulmoclear 1bd Tab pirfenidone 200mg 2tds Tab dytor 10mg 1od Duolin+budecort inhalation Oral steroids in low doses Regular followup and reviewing of treatment as per development Simultaneously needs to study cardiac status Past h/o TB also needs to readdress as cavitory lesion seen on bronchoscopy better bronchial lavage for pcr to r/o active disease

Thank you doctor

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