patient already had two CS




Explain the prognosis of baby to the couple....Also explain about the treatment options ro the couple and outcomes of the same....As there is descrepency in dates and ultrasound...couple can be counselled but MTP option cannot be offered as gestation is 20 weeks plus ( new recommendation of extension of legal POG of 24 weeks is only in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape)....

Wrong date Counselling Keep up pregnancy All protocols of immunization, blood pregnancy profile & treatment with IFA, CALCIUM, VITAMIN BC to be maintained PERIODIC ANC visits Record BP, Hb,BSL, FHS in every ANC See for pedal oedema High nutritious diet Adequate rest Regular bedside fetal movement for 2 hours to be monitored by mother Notice any discharge or lickage of amniotic fluid, if unwanted symptoms arise, contact with consultant

Thanks Dr Shital Jadav

I am personally of the opinion except any serious complications and compulsions to mother or fetus..MTP is not adviceble. KEEP IT AS AN LAST OPTION

I agree with Dr viraj R.Naik

Opinion @Dr. Sunila Arya @Dr. Shital Jadhav

Agree with dr. Viraj sir nicely explained