Management of hyperacidity of male pt for more than 7 days

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Take a detail history to understand the cause of hyperacidity in the case Physiological pharmacological or pathological and to adress the same Indigestion Gastritis Peptic ulcer or a/w other reasons Symptomatic advice Ppis Gasterokinetics Antacids Digestive enzymes

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Hyperacidity or reflex following what...? Penaprozole 40 mg. + Dompaperedine 30 mg..1 cap in the morning on empty stomach and 1 in the evening. Sucralfate 1 TSF ...TD.. Claritbomycine 250 mg 1 cap bd x 5 days

Thank you doctor

I could not get the point ? U meant dyspepsia ..then it might b the early symptoms of gall bladder stone sometimes ..or chr gastritis ...better do a usg upp abdomen and PanD for 10days ...and upp gi endoscopy also

First of all if acidity persistant then you should have to find causes by history for example constipation with increase salt in diet with fatty rich diet & specially from market & food not taken at proper time & history of pain killer medicine taken by patient . After that treatment advise by respected sir Dr. Dineshchandra Sharma should be given. Then if no response you should have to go for Upper GI endoscopy for H.Pylori infection with duodenal or peptic ulcer Adv. Fiber rich diet & smoking & alcoholism intake stopped

First rule out Peptic ulcer disease Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Grade 1 fatty liver GB removal Because deep down the cause of any acidity is the above mentioned common causea

Thank you doctor

Agree with Dr Shivraj Agarwal

Give Pantaprazole bd Antacid Syp like Ranidom mps

If it is hypetacidity confirmed than we may use omeprazole+domperidone sustained release capsule od/bd