Management of impacted tooth in approximation to mandibular canal

Chief complaint of severe pain irt left lower back tooth region since 3 days Chief Complaints A 26 yrs old male reported with chief complaint of severe pain in left lower jaw region since 3 days History Pain starts of its own, severe, sharp shooting radiates to head region increases during night and on eating and relieves with painkillers Vitals WNL Physical Examination Local examination revealed impacted carious 38 Investigations Blood inv - NAD. RVG reveals tooth in approximation to mandibular canal with divergent mandibular canal Diagnosis Chronic irreversible pulpitis irt impacted 38 in approximation to mandibular canal. Management Patient apprised of complication of lip paresthesia and consent taken. Surgical removal of tooth under local anesthesia with preservation of mandibular canal.



Well done Yes extraction is only choice for impacted tooth Present tooth shows cavity as well

Thank you sir for the kind words

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