Management of persistant huccups in covid positive patient??


HICCUPS IN COVID PT First of all covid or no covid hiccups need multidimensional approach as multiple factors affects it. Now persistent hiccups in a covid pt Possible reasons and manage accordingly 1 dehydration due to metabolic acidosis Mx balance electrolytes As hyponatremia is observed manage the same 2 over action or exhaustion of respiratory muscles and diaphragmatic spasm Mx 02 supplements Relax the diaphragmatic spasm 3 hyperglycemia to be managed 4 gastritis due to number of medications Ppis antacids and gasterokinetics And baclofen antispasmodics like meftalspas 5 check bul and sr creatinine and correct the same 6 if pt is constipated needs to put on bulk laxatives

Thanx dr Pranab Bera

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Hiccups having different causes Get CT Abdomen Gastritis Daiphargmatic spasm

Tb baclofene tds

I am agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir.

Thanx sir