Many doctors leave curofy after becoming influencer shouldnt the posts b increased



@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana sir. Everyone is on Curofy to gain knowledge n sharpen their skill. But one bitter truth is no one went to temple just to see the face of the God. That's why gold medal is given to meritious students in Medical College. Otherwise everyone gets the same mbbs/bds degree after passing out. Its my view others may differ .

Who spends time in Curofy targeting such a goal and doesn't have the intention to share or gain knowledges shall be better fitted outside this platform.

Post is immaterial you are getting opinion of specialist & so many cases per day & our dr shivraj sir ashok sir opinion is matter to me

Thanx a lot sir for respect

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@Curofy should be tactful about that... higher levels or positions should be introduced every 2 or 3 years... thus never falling short of attraction.

I was introduced to curofy by my pediatrician nephew. I dint joined corufy to gain points.i joined it to gain knowledge from expert and seniors doctors.thank u

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