Post menopausal 57 years old women has come with complain of swelling in b/l breast since 2 years. On inquiry- swelling keeps increasing each day. non tender no visible abnormality Mammography screening 2 years ago-architectural distortion in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast. A core needle biopsy revealed an invasive ductal carcinoma, estimated by imaging to be a T1 lesion. She underwent a lumpectomy/sentinel lymph node biopsy that revealed a 1.5 cm invasive ductal carcinoma. She recieved radiation therapy for 6 months, but then she developed excessive cough and mild shortness of breath. Now she has come for second opinion for ayurvedic treatment.




Better to this case to the Oncologist....

Mastitis? Constitutional best

Constitutional treatment

She has to continue treatment for her condition..she can be treated through Ayurveda Rasayana therapy as a supportive therapy..

Dear Dr. Reena Patel Ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Kanchanar guggulu 2 tds. Tab. Punarnavadi guggulu 1 tds.

premenstrual syndrome ashwagandha churna c milk for 30 days

Has she received chemotherapy ?

Refer back to the oncologist..

Immuno therapy may be helpful

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