What is the most likely diagnosis associated with symptoms of pruritic skin changes seen in these images? A) Malignancy B) Psoriasis C) Inflammatory bowel disease D) Acute hepatitis C infection E) Cutaneous sarcoidosis


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A) Malignancy ? Acrokeratosis Paraneoplastica

Psoriasiform reaction. A) Malignancy If it fulfill criteria of Curths postulate that establish an association between a skin disease and Internal malignancy. The five criteria called Curths postulates that establish an association between a skin disease and Internal malignancy are as follow. 1. Concurrent onset of cutaneous disease and internal malignancy- or at the time of onset of the cutaneous disease, the internal malignancy is recognizable. 2. Parallel course of the skin disease and internal Malignancy. 3. A specific type or site of malignancy associated with the skin disease. 4. Sound statistical evidence that the malignancy is more frequent in patients with the skin disease than in age and sex matched controls. 5. A genetic link between a syndrome with skin manifestations and an internal malignancy.

Yup Its associated with malignancy actokeratosis paraneoplastica ,type of psoriasiform dermatitis with internal malignancy@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana

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D/d 1 B and E

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A ) Malignancy

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? B ..

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