A 16 year old girl attends the GP surgery requesting the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). She says she is sexually active and her boyfriend is in the year above her at school. Her parents are unaware of her the appointment and her request. What is the most appropriate action? A) Advise her about safe sex and prescribe the OCP B) Contact her parents C) Contact the local safeguarding team D) Contact the police E) Explain it is illegal to prescribe the OCP for her


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Try to convince her about not to take OCP with our consult Gynecologist.. If still you feel that she is not convinced better contact her patents. As STD risk is always there.

A) Advice her about safr sex and prescribe the OCP

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The most appropriate action is to advise her that OCP will only prevent pregnancy and not sexually transmitted diseases nd HIV.. option A Also supportive counseling for youth is essential. Should not we consider calling the boys parents in this case too ,since if he is year above he is also 17 so not legal age... This document said OCP can be prescribed from age of 15 taking into consideration many other factors regarding girls health. Will be happy to share the pdf in whoever is wanting for reference.. Thank you for sharing the MCQ doctor..

B. Contact her parents. Below 18 L, she is child,

Contact her parents

Answer B. Please let them her parents

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