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Measles complicated mumps

Diagnosis nd treatment?? fever ,itching,rash,coryza,redness,orchitis,parotid swelling wbc increase neutrophils increase


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meales completed orchitis parotid problem

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Suspected Measles complicated with orchitis and parotitis. DD being mumps. Age and chronology symptoms are important. Fever + rash +any of 3'C's (cough, coryza, conjunctivitis) is a case of suspected measles. Measles first start with fever. Rash appear on 3 rd or 4th day of fever firstly at behind the ears then on face then spreads downwards on trunk, back and extremities which are morbilliform type. Very ofter cough /coryza /conjunctivitis precedes the appearance of rashes. Commonly seen in younger ages. Orchitis, parotitis are common complications. Koplick's spot may be seen in buccal mucosa. 1. Hydrate the patient. 2. Vitamin A : Stat and repeat after 24 hrs. < 6 months = 50000 IU 6-12 months = 1 Lac IU > 1 Yr and adult = 2 Lac unit 3. Treat symptomatically 4. No need of antibiotics in uncomplicated cases unless complicated with bacterial infections. In given case antibiotic should be given as complicated with parotitis and orchitis. Must exclude other common causes of fever. PLEASE REPORT THE CASE TO THE PROGRAMME OFFICER OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES OF YOUR DISTRICT FOR THE GOODNESS OF YOUR COMMUNITY. Remember a cluster of 5 suspected measles or any measles death within 1 month of measles suspicion in your community is defined as measles endemic which need active case search. So please bring in the notice of the concerned person which is your social responsibility.

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Measles complicated with Mumps.

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Looks like measles

History is very important,like male female age,I think it is all viral part of one illness provide symptomatic treatment.i think it could be measles,but photography should be from closeup points.

Measles n mumps at same time. Orchitis n parotitis r features of mumps not mentioned in measles.But pinpoint rashes coryza cough fever redness eye n itching r sign n symptoms of measles.

Measles with mumps sir

Skin lesions look like g.measle.this pt.should have report of s.amylase& s.lipase &usg rule out involvement of pancreas,symptomatic& supportive treatment

Measles... Symptomatic treatment enough... Tab.Azithromycin Tab.Paracetamol Tab.Cetrizine Isolate pt

Viral parotitis with rash and orchitis as complication.@Dr. Maulik Solanki

Never seen Measels and Mumps together before.Interesting

Measles complicated with Mumps

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