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My concern is does presence of calcium oxalate crystals on urine RM, can be a cause of rejection for entry into a public health organisation? Management Need expert opinion on this


Calcium oxalates are considered as normal constituent of urine .Oxalates are end product of metabolism in the urine . Although a high content of oxalates is a risk factors of calculus formation- but it cannot be a cause of rejection for entry into a public health organization. Also a diet rich in oxalates like spinach can cause a high oxalate content in urine

At one time it was a practice at CMC vellore that all students at joining MBBS have a medical Anybody with significant proteinuria were refused admission. The premise was that in5 yrs time they will develop full blown CRF and will have to be treated by CMC free. So proteinuria might be but not a few crystals of some salt.

I don't think it's true. Coz passing ca+ oxalate is a temporary phase and 100 % curable and does not cause any permanent disability or wasting disease.

This is not the cause of rejection but it may vary depending upon the organisation

Apparently this will not cause rejection

Thanks Dr. Kute Ankush, Dr. Ajeet Singh, Dr. A Dutta

I feel it doesn't have to be a concern.

I am not sure but it may be no.

Calcium oxalate is present normally .

I don't think so.

Certainly not.


Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain
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