Megaloblastic Anemia + Weight loss 30kgs - Part 2

That 56 year old female presented to my OPD after a gap of one month and her weight has gained from 40.8 to 41.1 kgs She still has vomiting episode every 3rd day, rest everything is normal, she also showed me lesions over her arms as attached below She even feels energetic now History She started syp. Deksel oral solution 60k and has consumed 6 bottles on weekly basis, and after five optineuron infusions for the first 5 days IV, she has had four shots of Vitcofol-C IM too on weekly basis, folvite 5mg weekly, limcee 500mg BD, cap Protera L, Levazeo 25 mg BD Investigations She had shown me reports one month back attached below of stool R/M, ANA by IF, HIV, ESR, CRP, Iron studies attached below As per the advise from leading doctors, I have advised her Anti ds DNA and a CECT Abdomen too Management Kindly give me your valuable advises on this case



Rx. langhan upakram for 7 days, after that, Galo ghan tab 1bd Ashwgandha tab 2bd Amyron tab 2bd SH tab 1bd with milk for 2 to 3 months.

@Suprabhat Giri sir,Dr @Suranjana Basak - Thanks for the immense help

Go for intrinsic factor antibodies and/or  anti parietal cell antibodies to confirm pernicious anemia causing b12 deficiency.

Thank you doctor

Use good quality of Kasis bhasm 500mg + Praval pishti 125 mg. Twice with honey. Kasis bhasm is a very good raktavardhak

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