Melasma or local edema

40 yr female having dark spots on face (Melasma) since 3 yrs Insomnia Menses regular but scanty and short tym Appetite normal Local edema on limbs specialy in morning tym since 2 yrs Rt shoulder pain Weakness Headache dihorrea while fear or fright anxiety mental depression but in regular day constipation Iron deficiency anemia Make up : pale skin , tall slender, faircomplexion Agg: hot weather, tension, depression, over work Ame: cold things, cold foods, ice cream ,rest, shopping , Mentally : sad, depressed, nervous, confidential, tensed by family matters Anxiety No any past history Investigations:



Ascorbic acid cream for locally use Tab. Etca HS

Rx sepia 1m(hs)


Sepia 200 1 dose.

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