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Indian medical council Regulations,2002 states that 'For advancement of the profession, a physician should affiliate with associations and societies of allopathic medical professions and involve actively in the functioning of such bodies'. Any regulatory body to govern these associations and societies? Does mere membership in them serve the purpose? Every doctor get opportunity to get actively involved in such bodies?



As far my association with lMA concerned these are only slogans and these bodies are hijacked by few influential members rather strong members means having money ,muscle power and excellent local connection ,IMA is a medical association but it's functions decided by local politician or administration. You are advised to work honestly and with full dedication , large study materials is sitting dust in various libraries,

Thanks Dr A Dutta

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These days these meetings are like diners club . Drinking alcohol n good food . One influencial doctor from a medical college will b giving speech all the time . Not allowing others to prosper . In my thinking platforms like curofy are doing the job what these meeting are supposed to do .

IMA is concerned for the purpose in maximum places. At few places they are doing well but maximum places doctors are busy in private practices not taking interest and association is just for name

Agree@Dr. Ashok Leel Sir Ji

I agree with Dr Ashok Leel sir

Of course bodies do exist and control working