Menopausal female with mouth ulcers

49/y/o female with near menopausal state having mouth ulcers every time she gets her period. It is associated with hot flashes and sometimes very scanty flow. Menstrual history Flow irregular and scanty Duration-1-2 days Cycle-45-50 days Associated complaint hot flashes, mouth ulcer, headache & nausea She had no h/o any systemic disease Prakriti pitta, agni madhyam, jihva sama & mala nirama




Ayurvedic physicians shall be able to guide you through the treatment and management here. Gastric cause may be for headache; nausea and ulcer in oral cavity. Advise lifestyle modification as per necessity of the case. Counseling that it is a change happening in body, allaying anxiety of the patient and guiding her can also help.

Thank you Dr. @Aishwarya Upadhyaya , Dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty Dr. @Siya Ram , Dr. @Narendra Misra , Dr. @Dr. Dinesh Gupta

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Sukumara gritha 2tsp bid b/f Kanchanara guggulu 2bidb/f Vara vishaladhi kashaya 2tsp bid b/f Syr. U Sure AVR Pittahara line of treatment can be followed.. Sheetalopachara.. Rakta dhatu dushti should be seen for.. For Raktha Shudhi: Syr. Shodak Syr.Safi Virechana can also be planned for if the pt is fit for Shoshana line of treatment

Cold cowilkA2..or citrus fruit lemongrass decoction ginger carrots pineapple with black pepper boiled diet,soup juice too much heat in the body healthy marital life

Avoid spicy, junk oily and packed food. Regular exercise and meditation. Tab.Shatavari 2-0-2.Sy.Evecare 15ml twice a day


Dear Dr. Chandrika Kumar, Advice for the case. Tab. Maha vat vidhvansak Ras . Gulkand ( Praval yukta).

Thank you @Dr. Twara Aashish

Amalaki Rasayan Manol Malt Khadiradi Vati Aachushanarth Avippatikar Churna Shubhra vari Gandoosh

Ashokarista Syp Amycordial Triphala churna

Ask to do not eat more spicy, oily ,salty sweetish fermented food , ask to drink planty of water, Ask to drink milk, ask to eat more vitaminious fiberous food , ask to stay free from stress ,exercises , yoga will be helpfull... Apart from homeopathy ...Lach can work in this case...

Advise for Satvika Ahar Vihar Dashmoolarishta + Ashokarishta Pushyanug Churna Triphala Churna + Loha Bhasma + Giloy Satva Advise for morning walk and Anuloma Viloma

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