Mental Health in Neurorehabilitation


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suicidal thougts/ or a attempt to commit one . anhedonia loosing insterest in surrrounding n people . depression is quite common in these people with long term morbid conditions .

Thank you for your answer doctor... Actually when person is having suicidal thoughts and also depression the right person is a psychiatrist, since they have understanding of medicine and can provide the necessary drugs which get absolutely essential in such conditions.. also they will refer to a counsellor to help better long term management of the situation.. My doubt here, was that knowing very well that neurological illnesses are long term, are we proactive enough to explain to the patient and refer them to counsellor to be able to accept the situation and make the best of it... Most often the patient feels they will get better with time and reality hits them too late and too hard.. not for all obviously, but yet.... consider hearing this TEd Talk

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When there is development of depression due to chronic suffering and patient starts to respond negatively to the treatment approaches, then patient should be referred to psychologist

Thank you for your answer doctor, just wanted to know that do we wait till the person shows signs of depression or do we work proactively to help them understand the major life change that neurological illness brings and help them cope better, earlier...

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