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None Indeed it is very stressful but requires your confidence and high moral to liveup with it Take the pandemic as usual disease Definitely new scenario to face without any knowledge or what to do but keeping mental peace take as human approach and to do best what you can Don't take any sentiment or stress to your house and sleep peacefully No medication will be required It is frustrating approach and lack of updates or inefficient communication putting you in stress

Thanx dr Rakesh Kayasth (pt)

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My few juniors are still taking antidepressants drugs and colleagues who recovered from Corona taking ocid and other medicines for bodyache , headache BP and diabetes means complete recovery is not there post covid complications and stressful life and skin orders due to wearing PPE kit for long duty hour and various triggering factors.

Thanks Dear Hussain

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Tablets multivitamin antioxidants trace elements.. Tab pantoprazole.. Starting medication... Physical examination.. Then treatment.. Phobia, schizophrenia patients. Sleeping disorder, manic disorder.. Alzheimer's disease, parikanson's.. Etc.. Medication.. Meditation regularly.. Maintenance hygiene..

Thanks doctor

Not taking any drugs But we are facing stress and fatigue due to long lasting Covid 19 pandamic .. Unknown disease pattern and unknown , symptomatic treatment and unknown prognosis .

Working as as good as physical coz we have to bear the physical ailments of world and have the alertness and presence of mind to quickly have immunity no inflammatory foods to prevent from any for late had vaccine...that too now when resuming work physically..sooner or later... but ginger lime juice lemongrass decoction alkaline diet are great remedial gifts of nature..thanks ji

Thanks ji Our Respected Doctor

No, as yet not .But feeling distress & anxiety due to this longstanding Pandemic COVID-19 & waiting for normal situation as it was before 2020.

Yes, I Agree specially for Emergency interns I have so many doctors taking SSRIs and Pantoprazole Both are associated with increased stress., Pantoprazole has just become over the counter medication Maybe we should explain doctors regarding the long term effects of taking medications. Good topic indeed!

If anybody is stressd out.... easiest way to get out is depending on medication. What I believe is our mind is capable to come out of strong negative feelings if we ' sublimate our feelings ' through - YOGA...

Behavioral patterns change in all people due to media hick, Trust is a factor even in family, society in every corner. Even food and water supply disturb, walking in road or shopping very much alter. How you feel when life in end stone can you give royal speech to people or do for them. Understand we are Dr.or Doc/g.


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