Meraki Touch of Ayurveda for PCOS: Under-recognized and Under-studied

Check out the link ; PCOS  can be a disturbing condition, especially if left to manage alone. But fear not, Ayurveda is always there to help in the journey  with its amazing meraki Ayurvedic herbal medications like Knachnar Guggulu, RajahPravartani Vati, Arogyavardhini Vati, Varanadi Kashayam, Pushpadhanva Rasa and many more to ease the menstrual irregularities. There is no one-size fits all Ayurveda regime for PCOS. Personalized treatment guidance is highly recommended for all women.However evidence does suggest that Ayurvedic herbs with low glycemic food, healthy fats and yoga are key to managing PCOS. Don't forget, PCOS may not be curable but can definitely be managed and reversed like it doesn't exist anymore. That's the power of Ayurveda. With both Shodhan chikitsa or purificatory measures along with Ayurveda medicines, diet (pathya aahara) and physical activity (vihara), one can correct the imbalance in the hormones resulting in normal and regular menstrual cycle patterns. Anything that makes our minds and body relax, improves metabolism and boosts reproductive health is good for PCOS management.



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