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Mid ureteric stone...

Mid ureteric stone...


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Lycopodium 1m/single dose and waits for atleast 15days before repeating.

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Rayer & ultimate sketches witch is very beneficial to understand the internal body parts. Such condition of middle uretic calculas creats very difficult to clear by med.(By chances).as per my exp.tnx Dr.

Yes sir this is actual picture...

Lycopodium 1m one dose Belladonna 30one hourly repeat if painful.

Tab. Chanderaprabha vati 2tab BD Syp Neeri 2tsf TDS

Vaarunadi kshay 2tsp before 2meals Pashanbhed+kurdubeej+bhaskarlavan... Each 250 mg before 2 meals with above kshay Can be added In severe pain kanakendushank 30mg 4 doses as per requirement

गोखरू 30 gm, मजीठ 50 gm, कुल्थी 30gm, खरबूजा के बीज 30 gm, मस्तगी रोमी 20 gm, मिस्री 90 gm सबका पॉवडर बनाकर 5 gm सुबह शाम दे। इस एक ही कोर्स में निकल जायेगी।

For prompt relief stunting by urosurgeon Drosis (curosis) is very effective in my practice to dissolve and remove stone in 20 days


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Rx. Majun aqrab Qurs kushta hajrulyahood Shbt alu balu

Hydrangea Q 20 drops with 1/2 cup of water x tds

Lycopodium 1m/single dose and waits for atleast 15days before repeating.

Apple cide vinegar 1 tea spoon 2 or 3 time in one cup water liquewarm water. Carrot,turnip and reddish seeds 5-5 grm after grinding make equal 5 dose morning and evening with liquewarm water 15 days. soda water or beer is use full it can be try.

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