Middle aged male gets this once in month goes off without tt but co burning sometimes any remedy to get complete cure@

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Patient should observe well and try to identify which food stuffs or other allergens start each attack. Allergography may help. As a suppressive treatment Metronidazole cream plus micronutrients (vitamins and antioxidants) may be advised

First of all test hiv .or b12. Tab multivit...... Tab .dexona Tab avil.

No urgency for steroids .Herpes labialis ...Self limiting ...Multivitamins ..Observation

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Herpes labialis. you can give suppressive therapy

Herpies has unilateral .in one side nerve root effact R u sure ?

Herpes labials

Herpes Labialis Herpes simplex infection Suggest a course of acyclovir , 400 mg 4 times for 7 days with acyclovir ointment, followed by maintenance dose of 400 mg acyclovir at bed time , for one month .

if the pt gets once in evry month.... then u shud go for blood test to rule out Herpes or HIV.... for the time being u can prescribe REXIDINE M FORTE GEL.. Acyclovir...

Give multivitamin Tab candid mouth paint to be applied 4 to 5 times a day Recall after 7 days

Not always...sometimes may be on both the angles of the mouth. Rule out immunosuppression

Herpes simplex or labialis Treat with aciclovir 800mg tid to qid Salicylic acid

If gets every month then treat with the same Regime for 15-20 days And observe if it recurs or not. If recurs then treatment will be of longer duration for 6 months also

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Herpes labialis treat on anti fungal regimes.

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