middle aged male, with 3 months history of progressive, unilateral 2,3,4 pip joint swelling, no significant pain n tenderness . no complaints in other joints,no low bachache no skin lesions. no significant past history or comorbidity.. RA n CCP neg. HLAB27 neg. CRP n ESR postv. kindly opine fr d DX.



Middle age,no deep aching dull pain,base of thumb not affected is unusual for Osteoarthritis. Raised ESR CRP without ccp(60%Predictive) can raise doubt of RA ,is there any early morning stiffness,pain,h/o previous arthritis? consider RA/Reactive arthritis.thanx

It could be RA because RA commonly effect MPJoint It can't be Gaut Thumb also involve. and uric acid should be high. AO one possibility SLE or autoimmune disorders connective tissue disorders Initial stage of TB joints, hand and feet TB is common site. Sir please revealed your diagnosis.

Rheumatoid arthritis spindle shaped ESR CRP high ra test negative doesn't rule out ra xray wrist do serum uricacid tor/0 gouty arthritis

it is a classical text book finding of R.A. there is a R A negative rheumatoid arthritis. there is uric acid arthritis , but as you say it painfully ,but have you done uric acid levels. try other tests.

@Dr. Sharad Dev Sir request please accept answer if you are satisfied with one of them or give your own answer and accept so that we can learn from it thanks and regards

simply case of rheumatoid arthritis with deformity. must get Dmards for treatment

asymmetry is against it

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advice uric acid levels it may gouty arthritis

unilateral suspecting of PIP Osteoarthitis. any professional history?? vibratory machine operations??

CRP quantitative value??

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sir, Take a x Ray

sir I did an x ray, not having the pic, but was normal..

seronegative RA or evolving psoriatic arthritis...skin lesions may appear later on. closely follow up

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