Middle aged man presented with a painless swelling on the head since many years. what is the diagnosis and treatment.



Painless swelling on the scalp in middleaged man. DD would be 1 Lipoma 2 Sebaceous cyst 3 Dermoid cyst 4 Meningioma 5 sebaceous adenoma Work up Xray Skull FNAC MRI brain Treatment is 1 Treat the underlying cause 2 If it is benign, excision of the tumor and send for biopsy for further evaluation.

appears to be a dermoid cyst. excision should be done for this patient

Appears like a dermoid cyst.

Dermoid cyst. Adv. excision

agree with Tirumala mam

classical dermoid cyst

agree Dr. Tirumala

Sebaceous cyst

epidermal cyst

excision is recommended

sebaceous cyst

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